The Senate House in Kingston, NY


Visitors to the Senate House will see a house that tells several stories. You will see a house that reflects the Dutch way of life that characterized Kingston in the 18th century. You will also see where the first New York State Senate met and helped shape the newly created government. The 18th century objects in the kitchen shed light on how people prepared their food, and where it came from. Other rooms contain domestic furniture, portraits, and other objects that help explain how people in the colonial era lived, and how they entertained. Standing in the Senate room you will get a sense of the pressure faced by the founders, and their lasting impact felt today.

Guided tours take you through the kitchen, family room, and parlor of an 18th century Dutch home and end in the room where the first New York State Senate met in 1777. Visitors will see a wide array of 18th century kitchen tools, domestic furniture, portraits, and impressive Dutch pieces such as a kas and a pottebank. Visitors will also learn about life in Kingston in the 18th century and Kingston’s role in the creation of the New York State government.

Rates and Fees

Tour of Senate House and Museum Admission:

$7.00 Adults
$5.00 Seniors
Children Age 12 and under are free

Group Tours – $5 per person
School Group Lesson – $3
School Outreach Lesson – $3

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With unexampled cruelty, you have reduced the fine village of Kingston to ashes, and most of the wretched inhabitants to ruin. I am also informed, you continue to ravage and burn all before you on both sides of the river…

Other Generals…are now by the fortune of war in my hands; their fortune may one day be yours when, Sir, it may not be in the power of any thing human to save you from the just vengeance of an injured people.

I am Sir Y’r Most Obed’t Hum Serv’t
Horatio Gates

Letter to British Major-General John Vaughan
from American General Horatio Gates

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